Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vacation Organizer (Project 1)

Vacation Organizer System

Problem Description:
I have already worked on this in the past. I would like to add on to this program what I couldn't do last year in a similar class. The problem with many companies is that they don't have an app that allows the user to store employee vacation dates. Its normally done on paper, as it doesn't require much and the employee tends to remind the manager that their vacation day is coming up (as employees never forget). So I built an app that stores the information, I did not store a process in which the manager and employee are sent e-mails to remind them of upcoming and finished vacation days. 

System Capabilities:
- Program should store and retrieve vacation date info
- Displays built in Calender
- Sends e-mail to individual and owner of reminders of upcoming vacation dates.
- Sends e-mail to manager and employee that vacation days are over.

Business Benefits:
- Ease of mind
- Improves vacation cordination
- Maintain correct info of data


  1. When you were working on this before, did you have an actual client or customer who was interested in this?

  2. Yes I did. Medx Open Systems, Pacific Sleep Tech, And a third one. He owned three, although later during the course he said he didn't need it. So I continued because I was already in the middle of finishing.