Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mass E-Mail Program (Project 3)

Mass E-Mail Program

Problem Description:
It must be tiring to send emails one by one to everyone you want to send and email. I propose creating a program that would end this strife. Even though their are programs like MailChimp, I would like to create a program that contains the barebones essential of MailChimp. I would like to create a program that sends out e-mails once a day, adds emails to the list, and best of all no human interaction. Once you press start the program will run everyday sending emails.

System Capabilities:
- Program should store and retrieve emails
- Sends emails based on the settings (once a day, hour, minute, etc)
- able to change the email you send
- can be improved with basic AI

Business Benefits:
- easy to send emails
- Allows for Guerilla Marketing through emails
- No interaction with program whatsoever

1 comment:

  1. MailChimp has an API that you can talk to to play with AI improvements to email sending. Again, you're missing any clear customer or client who could work with you on this.