Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project Progres

I believe that I am making moderate progress with the project.

I have written psuedo code so far on how I imagine the site will look like and making server to website connections.

What I have so far is the html mock up of what my website will look like.  I have 4 pages in my site.  A home page, add vacation page, edit vacation page, and remove vacation page.

Simple input sections for date of vacation creation, name of person, and vacation start and end dates on the add vacation date page. Same format for the edit vacation and remove vacation page.

After creating the date, it will display the information on the main page. Showing who has the next upcoming vacation date.

I realized that to the company I am working for, simplicity seems to work best.  Especially since they only look up this information about once a month.

Previously I had wanted to do so much on this Project that I forgot that the user in the end didn't really expect a lot of functionality with this to begin.  What I originally had in mind would require cool features that require JQuery (a completely different, yet cool beast).

Well Since this is might be the last post you guys read, I would like to say thank you to all those that have read my post and left comments.