Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Interview Plan

Setting: The major stakeholder for the IT defense App are the investors, the students, and teachers. I would have to send an e-mail first, probably talking in an office after

Interview plan: I would plan to ask the following questions in the interview Does the university allow students to work with the IT department? Can a student be allowed to work on code that Setting: The major stakeholder for the IT defense App are the investors, the students, and teachers Interview plan: I would plan to ask the following questions in the interview Does the university allow students to work with the IT department? Can a student be allowed to work on code that requires higher security access? Do you know if there is a chain of command in the university that I need to go through in order to make this project? Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve the system or feature requests? Do you have any questions on the reality of this project?

 Followup plan: I would send an e-mail the day after and check up on the progress of my request. If however they denied it on the first try, I would have to find a different company. If I can't I will work on it myself I guess. With a completed version I could show companies a demo and find one that would be willing to improve on it with me

Thursday, February 20, 2014


DDoS Defense System

- user (another obvious reason, it benefits the company)
- The company (an obvious reason)
- IT department (an obvious reason since the IT department will be the most skilled and qualified to understand how to use the system properly)

I have expanded on this idea to include defense. Not sure how but i'll think of something. Probably detects irregular pinging. I'm doing more research on it.

Calender Project

- The company (duh)
- the user (duh)
- manager (the manager benefits the most since they are the ones responsible for keeping track of vacation days, etc)
- employees (employees are the ones requesting vacation days)

Since this project is something I did in the past. I would like to expand on it.

Mass e-mail program

- User (yes)
- Marketing Department (they are the ones to most likely use the program as the program is intended for guerrilla marketing)
- Company (program benefits the company)

I have given up on this idea since I would be creating a basic version of mailchimp, and mailchinp is a vast program with lots of benefits that outweigh my own.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HPU on DDoS system

I would like to reach out to HPU on my project.

HPU is consistently trying to improve their systems security. I would know this because I tried to attack them last year. Sadly with failure.

I understand there is a chain of command that I have to go through first. I think I might bring it up with my adviser, and he could point me in the direction I would need to get this ball rolling. For example which department and who, or who would most likely allow me to test it out on their servers, etc.

I'm willing to negotiate all requirements for this.

I will try e-mailing my adviser and if I receive no reply within the week, I will talk to him about the idea.
Then I will discuss if there is a possibility at all. However if their is not with Patrick Eagle (my adviser), I will try a different route since this school is a chain and command. Next, I will contact Milika, a professor in the Computer Science Department and see if their is a different way I can do this.

If not, well then I'll just have to find a company.

Throughout this I will be civil and respectful of criticism in this idea from those I try to discuss this with, of course.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mass E-Mail Program (Project 3)

Mass E-Mail Program

Problem Description:
It must be tiring to send emails one by one to everyone you want to send and email. I propose creating a program that would end this strife. Even though their are programs like MailChimp, I would like to create a program that contains the barebones essential of MailChimp. I would like to create a program that sends out e-mails once a day, adds emails to the list, and best of all no human interaction. Once you press start the program will run everyday sending emails.

System Capabilities:
- Program should store and retrieve emails
- Sends emails based on the settings (once a day, hour, minute, etc)
- able to change the email you send
- can be improved with basic AI

Business Benefits:
- easy to send emails
- Allows for Guerilla Marketing through emails
- No interaction with program whatsoever

DDoS System (Project 2)

DDoS System

Problem Description:
Over the past months, I've noticed an increase in DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks). The one that got the most attention of course would be the DDoS attack on the League Of Legends Server in North America (where many of United States players play the game). For those of you who don't know League of legends is an online game where people play against each other mainly in teams of 5v5. The attack on the server lasted an entire day leaving all of North America unable to play for a day. I believe its possible to recreate a system that does the same thing on a smaller scale, for small businesses who can't afford the programmers and technicians that a big company like LOL can. I thought this would be a cool idea to recreate a system. 

System Capabilities:
- Able to disrupt internet connections of local companies, house routers, and universities.
- Mac addresses and IP addresses should be untraceable
- Attacks should last no more than 1-2 hours (enough to disrupt but not kill productivity of the "victim")

Business Benefits:
- Edge over competition
- Fun to use

Vacation Organizer (Project 1)

Vacation Organizer System

Problem Description:
I have already worked on this in the past. I would like to add on to this program what I couldn't do last year in a similar class. The problem with many companies is that they don't have an app that allows the user to store employee vacation dates. Its normally done on paper, as it doesn't require much and the employee tends to remind the manager that their vacation day is coming up (as employees never forget). So I built an app that stores the information, I did not store a process in which the manager and employee are sent e-mails to remind them of upcoming and finished vacation days. 

System Capabilities:
- Program should store and retrieve vacation date info
- Displays built in Calender
- Sends e-mail to individual and owner of reminders of upcoming vacation dates.
- Sends e-mail to manager and employee that vacation days are over.

Business Benefits:
- Ease of mind
- Improves vacation cordination
- Maintain correct info of data