Sunday, February 2, 2014

DDoS System (Project 2)

DDoS System

Problem Description:
Over the past months, I've noticed an increase in DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks). The one that got the most attention of course would be the DDoS attack on the League Of Legends Server in North America (where many of United States players play the game). For those of you who don't know League of legends is an online game where people play against each other mainly in teams of 5v5. The attack on the server lasted an entire day leaving all of North America unable to play for a day. I believe its possible to recreate a system that does the same thing on a smaller scale, for small businesses who can't afford the programmers and technicians that a big company like LOL can. I thought this would be a cool idea to recreate a system. 

System Capabilities:
- Able to disrupt internet connections of local companies, house routers, and universities.
- Mac addresses and IP addresses should be untraceable
- Attacks should last no more than 1-2 hours (enough to disrupt but not kill productivity of the "victim")

Business Benefits:
- Edge over competition
- Fun to use


  1. Do you mean to create a system that can mount a DDoS attack, or defend against one? Creating an attack system is ethically dubious at best. Creating a defense would be an interesting technical challenge, but what you really need is a specific client or customer who can spend time with you on a project.

    1. I wanted both. You see I was inspired by the attack on LOL servers that day, along with other attacks. At the same time I was surprised that a company like LOL (League of Legends) could not defend against one. I prioritize defending over an offensive progam, because a good defense everybody wants.

  2. want to build something malicious!? This would be a great tool that SysAdmins could use to ensure their systems are solid.

    1. Yes, thank you for your comment. And it's not malicious. Programs are just a tool, like a sword. Its whoever uses it. If you could target the person attacking your servers, would you not? Although it'd be better to just improve your security. White hatters do it all the time. Attack their own company, find the holes, and plug them.

    2. you are correct that all programs are tools and it's up to people what they do with them. However in the same way that free speech is not a good defense of shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theatre, it is ethically dubious to make something that has a particularly effective use as a weapon and then distribute it freely.

      For example if I make a more effective rifle, I can argue that it can be used for good or ill depending on the will of the person using it, but surely it's dangerous to distribute lots of them indiscriminately when that will put them in the hands of people with all kinds of intentions.

      Of course perhaps you mean to be extremely careful about how you distribute your DDoS tool, but suggesting that such a tool could be used for retaliation? Is retaliation really a form of defense?

      I think you'd be less open to being misinterpreted if you focused on a system for defense rather than offense as your initial overview describes.

    3. Of course these tools are needed for finding the security holes. These same tools can be used not as intended.

      "but suggesting that such a tool could be used for retaliation? Is retaliation really a form of defense?"

      Yes, speaking on the scale of country of course. Retaliation is an old form of defense. Bombing of Pearl Harbor,Hawaii which lead to our involvement in World War 2. The Cold War nuclear deterrence theory is probably the best I can think of. Letting a country know you'll strike only if they strike first.

      Agreed. I've realized that a program for defending is the best option for me.

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