Thursday, February 20, 2014


DDoS Defense System

- user (another obvious reason, it benefits the company)
- The company (an obvious reason)
- IT department (an obvious reason since the IT department will be the most skilled and qualified to understand how to use the system properly)

I have expanded on this idea to include defense. Not sure how but i'll think of something. Probably detects irregular pinging. I'm doing more research on it.

Calender Project

- The company (duh)
- the user (duh)
- manager (the manager benefits the most since they are the ones responsible for keeping track of vacation days, etc)
- employees (employees are the ones requesting vacation days)

Since this project is something I did in the past. I would like to expand on it.

Mass e-mail program

- User (yes)
- Marketing Department (they are the ones to most likely use the program as the program is intended for guerrilla marketing)
- Company (program benefits the company)

I have given up on this idea since I would be creating a basic version of mailchimp, and mailchinp is a vast program with lots of benefits that outweigh my own.

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  1. Some good work, but you could get a better grade by following instructions, and you'd incentivize me to give more detailed feedback if you got things in on time. Your descriptions of stakeholders are brief and vague - eg. Calendar Project - "The company (duh)". The Company isn't a stakeholder as such - it needs to be a group of people that have a stake in the project. The company consists of multiple sub-groups of stakeholders that have particular needs. The user by itself is not a stakeholder as such unless you define something about the users needs and goals