Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Response to Comments

I did watch the video after making the blog, I however created the blog first.  I'm very new to creating and making blogs. When blogger asked me to make a name for the blog I thought it was only for my eyes only on my side and not the actual title.  I honestly gave up trying to fix it after 30 minutes last week trying to figure it out.I thought there would be an html interface builder like wix.com so I could create the title and posts.


  1. Totally understood. Seems like you were able to edit the title of your blog to remove the term "CSCI 3211" - were you also having trouble adjusting the URL? It's one of the options in the blogger settings - I can walk through it in the next blog feedback video just in case.

    Interesting that you are familiar with wix.com and I totally understand that blogging is new. I hope you'll end up feeling more comfortable with blogs by the end of the course. I'll do everything I can to help. Also, you are free to use wix for blogging:


    I have been advocating blogger since I think it's relatively straightforward, but Wix is newer and may be easier if that's what you are familiar with ...

  2. Well after a couple of weeks, it seems that the idea is simple, however when i see other blogs my question is how does one identify the credentials of the blogger?