Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Idea 1

College Mens Tennis Statistic System

Problem Description:
There are many sports in college.  Football and basketball are among the few that schools follow individual players to tally and record statistics relevant to there sport.  Professional tennis players have statistics that they themselves live by to help themselves understand there game and improve based on it.  However in college tennis, following statistics for individual players (even with the help of fellow teammates) is hard if not impossible.  I recommend my first idea to be a program that fellow tennis teammates can use to follow statistics of there other teammates.  The program would then do the math that would be tedious with possible errors on paper.  The system should be internet based and easy to use on cellphones (the most common device among college athletes that travel to there matches).

System Capabilities:
- Collecting and storing information about individual players
- View profile picture of player
- Individual players can view wholesome data on themselves (such as statistics based on individual games and sets)
- Players can view only basic data on other players (statistics based on entire game)

Business Benefits:
Program is free and on the cloud (remote server) money flow comes from ads
- Helps individual school asses players better based on performance throughout the year
- Help individual players zoom in on statistical weaknesses of there games (if a player won all there serve games, but had a 40% serve ratio, it could mean that player gave up a lot of first serves, player could work to improve serve ratio and see an improvement in the serve game)
- Players and coaches can view info anywhere with internet connection, which helps using this on away games

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