Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Screenshots of 4 Videos

2.2.1 Getting started:

So in this video we learn about how to set up our VM on our computer. I found it very helpful.

2.2.1 Cookies:

Cookies are amazing, to bad you can manipulate them with javascript.  I also find it very helpful to use wireshark if you want to see a better version of a packet header, also shows which art is the cookie to.

2.3.1 HTML :

The hierarchy of html is fascinating, well to me at least.  I personally enjoy using css, since pure html is just so very static. Yes html was built to be static.  Luckily the next video introduces us to that.

2.4.1 CSS:

I really like CSS because of what you can do to create really nice layouts for websites, such as 3 column websites.


  1. Unfortunately you seem to have missed the key thing here which is that the screenshots you were taking were supposed to be from you running your own version of the VM, not just taking a screen shot of the screen cast on vimeo ... did you install the VM and get it running?

  2. Its funny i downloaded the entire thing, but vmware could not run on my computer because at the time i could not run it on my mac due to really insufficient memory. I cleared it up and downloaded it and ran it about three days after the i posted the assignment.

  3. okay, so you'll need to re-do these screenshots to get credit - you do actually need to run the rotten potatoes app in your VM ...

  4. Thank you. I'll make a new post with that, I'll keep this post here as well.

  5. I have put up a new blog page that shows the new screen shots of VM running on my computer with the assignments shown. Thank you.