Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Final Presentation

Here is the link to the Final Presentation Slides

Here is the link to the presentation video:

So I have some final words. I used screen-o-matic to do my presentation but somehow managed to fit everything in 15 minutes. Time flies by fast when presenting. So I hope the ending part where I showcased my app didn't feel rushed. If it did, then let me clarify it in writing. I was presenting what the program looks like when a ping is successful and when its not. If it pings the target successfully, it means that you haven't set it up to block unwanted pings and shows port vulnerabilities. If an error page is shown, it could mean a few things. The Ip address does not exist, it does exist but it might have dropped the test packet (it happens sometimes), or that you set up the router/host to drop unwanted pings in which case good job!

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