Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Activity Diagram

Hello there. Thank you for reading my post. In this blog I'm going to post a link here to my personal activity diagram to a school project.

I don't know how to post all images from the website but it looks something like this.

E-mail contact -> E-mail reply -> create plan -> deliver plan -> get decision.

Here is the link for a better understanding:

Since its a school, I assume they use paper, e-mails, and white boards. I would assume that they use e-mail for primary use of communication. Phones are used, only among staff members.

My meeting notes are short. The staff only replied to my e-mail once. I replied back, but heard no response. I'm assuming that they have not taken my considerations seriously.  Time will tell.

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  1. If I was owner on your blog (as I am for everyone else) I could edit your post to show you how to embed the google drawing. Either way, forgive me if I'm wrong, but it loos like the drawing is of your proposed plan to try and engage with the client, rather than the activity diagram of how stakeholders might interact with the system you are thinking about.

    Also, it can be very difficult to make contact with groups purely via email. After Eric told me the name of the person in HPU IT he was trying to contact I realized he was a former student of mine and I was able to hook them up on skype. It turned out that the email Eric had been sending to was not checked frequently by the person in question.

    If you are serious about making contact you need to follow up with phone calls, try other emails, visit in person. You need to be persistent. Also, the more details you provide me, e.g. the content of the emails you sent, which email address you sent them to etc., the more I can help you.