Wednesday, March 26, 2014

User Cases

Hello there and welcome to my blog post. Today I will just post my user cases in a school project of mine.

here are the cases:

So in terms of security for a university its great to understand the process of enrolling. Students can go straight into a university however foreign students need to go through background checks. Registrar personnel have access to system that allows them to override classes where as student access is limited

Here is the link, it explains it much clearer with the pictures provided:

Please don't abuse it guys. E-mail seems to be the primary source of communication at the university I want to work with. They haven't replied back though, again.

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  1. So this looks like an activity diagram :-) Use cases would usually break out the different things that different stakeholders would do, focusing just on their perspectives one at a time. It's the activity diagram that brings them all together.

    It's interesting to hear that international students go through security checks - I didn't know that. I'm not sure though how that's related to the computer security software you were talking about previously