Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Solutions to email reminders

2 Solutions for Vacation Calender App

So the problem I am facing is how to implement what I think is one of a few tasks required to make my vacation calender app.  The one I am focusing on now is the automated e-mail.  Sending an e-mail in php is fairly moderate in terms of difficulty but since this is ruby I am now sure how to implement it.  To my luck however I found a small starting point in understanding how to do it in ruby thanks to overflow stack.

Here is the link:  Automated e-mails in Ruby

Now the code here is great if you want to send e-mails by typing, but I'm looking for a way where the users don't have to do anything, while a program that is running behind the scenes automatically sends an e-mail for you to the users necessary (employee and managers).

This site is another great starting point to understanding how e-mail works on ruby and how it processes them in the language.

Here is the link: Sending e-mails through Ruby

After these two helpful sites I have a general idea of how to make this process automatic without the user doing a thing (although I know exactly what to do if my app requires a button that will send the e-mails to both managers and employee separately).

 Now another problem I have is figuring out how to put an entire calender onto html.  What I mean by that for example is when you go to a site like Hawaiian Airlines or United Airlines.  When you want to book a flight you can chose to type in the date or pick a date on what looks like a digital calender sheet.  I need to figure out how to pop up the digital calender sheet in HTML or whatever it is in.  Basically I want to add a calender to a date field in HTML.

Searching for this is quite challenging especially because I know what I'm talking about but I doubt you my viewers know what I'm trying to say let alone google.  What's funny is I know that you can use PHP to solve this and thats what all the articles tell you to do but I would like to know how to do it in ruby.

This is a great start: Get a feel for the calender code

The above site is not what I'm looking for but a nice starting point.
Now that I have a feel for the code in PHP, now lets move it to something I might be able to use by searching a calender view that can be used in ruby.

This is a step forward: Didn't know Ruby had a library for this

Now I honostly didn't know ruby had a "gem install calendar_date_select" command for it.  I'm not surprised as Ruby has many.  Of course you have to download it and install it into ruby but its all on the site.  But as I looked further I found this

Here is the link: Calender date picker

Now if you look at this link, it shows you what it looks like and its what I have been looking for.

Now the last 2 sites give it the same name "calendar_date_select".  But one site says its made from Tim Harper, the other says Tim Charper.  They might be the same, not sure have to inspect the code carfully.

The solutions I am looking for are out there I just have to find them.  Thankfully the community for Ruby is strong.

Thank you.


  1. Great research here. As we discussed I think you'll want to get a bit further in your understanding of how Rails works before you can pull in these other components. Of course feel free to continue exploring, but I hate to thing of you burning time on these code snippets before you've understood the framework and how they all fit together.

  2. I agree, should learn to walk with ruby, before I run.

  3. indeed - haven't heard from you in a while - do come on skype and say hello if you can

  4. Will do Sir. definitely will before the weekend ends.