Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Re do of Late Assignment

4 Screen Shots

So this is the first screen shot of the built in rottenpotatoes running

Here it is. Running.  The video showed us how to set up the VM on our machine.
I got further in understanding Ruby and by far I'm liking it so far.  It reminds me of php but I like how ruby makes it easier to put data in the database than using mysql syntax (which php makes you do to talk to the server).

2.2.1 Cookies:

So it seems that the cookie expires until the end of sessions.

2.3.1 HTML : 

So the page source shows you all the html code from rotten potatoes.  If you look at it further you can see that it also uses jquery and javascript.

2.4.1 CSS:

Here is the css div #main.  The padding and margin have been defined here.
I could only see parts of the css from sections and not a collection of it used in an entire web page.

The dropbox links should be the same as the ones I posted, if not here they are.





Thank You.

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